You will like to know us better

Our Profile

Edict Learning Solutions is an e-learning company and a subsidiary of Edict Support Services Limited, registered company in Nigeria with the Registration number 775144.As an Information Technology and Education firm, we are committed to sharing the Highest ethical and professional standards. Edict is a one-stop solution and Non-stop innovative company committed to supporting Information Technologies and Education in all ramifications.

Our Team

Edict Consult is a unique company. This is because we are made up of independent consultants who are experts in their various fields (Education and ICT).

Our Code of Conduct

1. Integrity 2. Service 3. Friendliness 4. Confidentiality 5. Innovation 6. Courtesy 7. Reliability

Our Colour

Our colours are Orange and White. While orange stands for friendliness and passion, white stands for impeccable Integrity. These two colours show what we stand for in Edict.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is to provide goods and services at affordable charges with 100% customer satisfaction, honour delivery time and replace or refund within 60 days if at any time we come short of what we claimed or promised.

Our Clients

Some of our clients include Kenford International School, Gwagalada, Abuja, Early Life School, Lugbe, Abuja, First Landmark College, Ikorodu, Lagos, Skylink Children School, Ikorodu, Theofor Schools and Fourier International School, Akure.

Our Concept

Our concept is "You can always rely on us..."By this concept, Edict provides clients with 100% reliable, quality and professional service. You can always rely on us anytime and Anywhere.

Our Services

1. Independent Education Quality Assurance Agent 2. Supply of Computers/Laptops 3. E-Learning/E-school service 4. Repairs of Computer Systems 5. Language Laboratory set up. 6. Complete School management service 7. Recruitment of teachers 8. School Marketing/Publicity, Branding and image making services 9. Teachers’ Performance Evaluation System Service 10. School policies design for students, staff and parents. 11. ICT Training 12. Computer networking and Internet Access 13. ICT Lab/Language Lab Set- Up and Management 14. CCTV Camera installation and Mobile view of School/Classrooms anywhere 15. Intercom Installation 16. School Events Video coverage with publication of such on DVDs 17. Electronic Board /Teaching Aids 18. CD/DVD, Book and General Printing/Publishing 19. School Set Up and Management Service 20. Sales of Educational Software 21. ELearning Project Management